Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Keena......

That's right. KEENA!! ME!!! Just a few items that you may not know about me.  If you have any specific question that you'd like to ask,  please feel free to ask.  Make a comment below or you can email me @

1. I like my husband's BO. Now I know that sounds strange but he has a good smell about him. I don't mean like in his pits or anything but just in general I like the way he smells

2. I do not like holidays. I am not against holidays, but I never had fun with them. I had a small family and therefore, it was just my mom and I. Then I felt torn between seeing my dad and spending time with mom. It was not fun. Now that I am married, things are changing. I am beginning to like Thanksgiving. All of his family gets together for a big dinner. It is fun

3. I do not like to put away my laundry. I still have piles of loads that have been washed and dried. Some are even folded but I just can't get them into the drawers.

4. I miss sleeping in on cold winter mornings and having my dog snuggle up to me.

5. I like things to be even or straight. I have some OCD tendencies in me. I kinda like the guy in "Sleeping with the Enemy" , however, I am not abusive about it.

6. After I shower in the mornings, I like to lay down for about 15 minutes of "cool down" time. I have done this since as far back as I can remember. Weird huh?????

7. I enjoy being married. I mean I really enjoy doing things like cooking and cleaning for him and I like that he "protects, takes care of, and looks after me" . He is a great husband. I thank God for him every day.

8. I have a hard time throwing things away. Cards, letters, postcards, or anything that someone has given me. I still have a beat up spoon that my dad used to use to make C-A-N-D-Y. My mom threw it away one time and I almost had a fit. I sterilized it and kept it.

9. I do not like Christmas music. Refer back to #2. I always felt torn between my parents. If I was with one, I felt guilty for not being with other. When I hear Christmas music, I change the station.

10.  I am addicted to caffeine. It really is a powerful drug.  I would love to come off it but it just seems like I cannot function without it.  I have tried but have always went back.  I might try again.


Dawn M. Hamsher said...

The BO had me laughing! Have a great day.

Thomasina said...

I was a little worried when you said you liked your husband's BO lol. I think it's great that you are so in love, and he sounds like a true prince!

Donea Lee said...

Thank goodness you clarified the BO comment! :) I totally do # 3 and my husband does #6, so not as strange as you think. Happy A-Z'ing!

~Rasz~ said...

Great post and glad to learn a little about you! You have a wonderful sense of humor and authenticity...started my day off with a smile.

junebug said...

I'm with you on the caffeine. A powerful draw I've been fighting giving up lately. Ugh!

I don't like to get rid of things either. I'm trying to come up with ways to recycle, upcycle, donate, etc. items as I downsize. It is hard. I have kept some odd things.