Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

It breaks my heart to write today. Our special "Senior puppy" is no longer with us. Dove left us last week. About two weeks prior, she started acting different. Mom took her to the vet and to our surprise, the vet told us Dove had LUNG CANCER. You can just imagine our shock to this news.. She had always been a playful and healthy dog. After that news was confirmed by a "doggie specialist"(didn't realize they existed), mom and I decided to put her down so that she did not begin to suffer. The vet did tell us that there were no treatments. Well, I had a real problem putting her down..By the grace of GOD, Dove went on her own 2 hours before the vet was to come to the house to do that awful deed.
Dove was my "baby". A friend and I adopted her at 8 weeks old. She was 12 and 1/2 years old when she died. My heart is shattered like glass hitting a cement floor. For 9 years, she was by my side. I took her with me whenever I could. and YES, she slept in the bed with me until I got married. Now I did allow Mom to keep Dove when I got married because I thought it was best for Dove. She had a big back yard and constant company. If you are an animal person, you know that there is "ONE" special pet over all others. Dove was that pet. She was gentle, playful, she like to tease you, and she gave love unconditionally. Every visit to the vet's, he would comment that she was a happy dog. She knew she was loved. I believe that is why she lived so long with the cancer(dr. said he was shocked that she lived as long as she did with the cancer as advanced as it was). I could go on and on about how special she was and how every one loved her, but I will close this blog with this. I am grateful that God took her in her own home and that she died in my arms. Dove I love you. You may be gone in body but you are alive in my heart.....................