Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movie Review....

My hubby and I went to see another "free" movie last night.   Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D.  It was funny.  It had a good story line.  The effects were amazing.  It also had some "teachable" scenes that you could pull out and use to discuss with your children.  There was even a scene that almost seemed "Christian" in nature and what I mean is that you could apply that scene to our life with Christ.   I would go into detail but do not want to give anything away.  I would definantly give this a thumbs up. 

I wil probably be doing quite a few movies reviews since my husband gets free tickets.  I hope this does not bore you as I will try to "post" about other things as well.  I have just been so tired lately that my mind is somewhat mush right now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Date Night...............

Last night my hubby and I was able to do something thing we hadn't done in years.  We went to the movies.  He found out that he gets free movie tickets from his employer, so we took advantage of him getting off early and went to see not ONE, but TWO movies.  The first movie we watched was Jim Carey's  "Mr Popper's Penguins".  It was a cute, family orientated movie.  It was one of those man works to hard, doesn't see his kids often enough then through the gift of a penguin changes.  It's funny, fun loving, and a good natured movie.  I give it a thumbs ups. 

However, Bridesmaid is a different type of funny.  I would NOT take my children to this one.  It is full of adult humor, sometimes crass.  It has some adult language, adult themes, and a pretty realistic sex scene to start the movie off.  It is about friendship and the how friendship changes when one friend gets married while the other friend's life seemingly goes down the drain.  It is a good movie about sticking together through life curves.  I laughed so hard I couldn't breath @ times.  Although I would classify this as a "chick-flick", my hubby got a kick out of it.  The most amazing part(to me) was that of the groom's sister.  It was played by Melissa McCarthy-the pretty overweight girl of CBS' Mike and Molly.   The way they had her NOT made up was incredible.  She look SO different.  She was not the pretty overweight girl but the drab looking fat girl.  You'd just have to see to believe.

It was fun going out with my hubby. We had a great time.  If you see any movies this summer, I would love to hear your reviews since my husband is getting free tix and we WILL be going more often. 

I pray that all have a great Sunday and a great week.

Take Care,

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Here!!!!!

Sorry that I have not posted in a bit but things here have been a bit overwhelming.  My CFS seems to be acting up with the stress.  You see, my husband has lost his job and things are not looking good right now.  I knew that this month was going to be hard but it really has gotten to me in last few days; him too.   What we really need is for him to find a good job.  He has a pea-size job that is bringing in some money just not enough.  I have never been a crier but I see myself turning into one right before my eyes.  I really need some prayer right now and to pray myself.  Believe me when I say I have been praying and God has been working but it's getting closer and closer to the bottom and I will admit-I'm scared.  I'm scared that we may lose a car.  I'm scared that my husband may lose his will to fight.  My faith is really being tested and I need some warriors that will help keep my arms lifted in the battle.  Please pray for us.  Thank you my friend.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dear Blogger Buddies,

I so enjoy reading your blogs.  I try to visit those I am "following" at least 2x a week and comment as often as possible.  Even when I don't comment, I am still reading.  The reason why I try to comment so often is b/c I LOVE getting comments on my posts.  That is the only way you know that some one is reading what you wrote.  I am making new friends through blogging and I love it.  To be honest, most of my friends are online friends, and I think you can never have too many friends.  My visits are random as well as my posting.  I am trying harder to post more often since I have a "following" now.  If you do follow, I try to visit your blog as well if you have a web page linked to your name.   Is there any thing I am missing? Is there something else I should be doing to be a better blogger and friend.  I want the most out of this experience and to be as polite and considerate as I can.