Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fisrt of all, sorry this is so late. My hubby's birthday was today and so... you can just imagine.

E is for.........Embarrassment.

I am not blonde but sometimes have those blonde moments when all I can do is laugh. For instance, tonight my hubby and I went to Applebys' to get 1/2 price appertizers for his birthday.  I told him I wanted the classsic wingless wings. LOL.."DUH" What was I gonna eat... the sauce.  Now that's not too embarassing but I will share a story that is a little embarassing.

I was in the chiropractor office getting an adjustment.  It was one of those hands on adjustments where the "pop" your bones.  Well, the young lady doctor asked me to turn over on my side, and when I did I farted!!!!  I was so embarassed.!!! All I could do was say I'm sorry. She just laughed and said that it happens more times than I would imagine and that it was ok. I am so glad it was a lady and not some nice hunk of a man.

Now that I have shared an embarassing story with you, do you have the courage to share one with me??


Tonja said...

I like your blog! I read some of your earlier entries about your CFS and can totally relate. Maybe you were meant to stay home and write your story....

Shelley said...

What can I say, my life some days is one big embarassment. I think I have done too many dumb things to mention. When I think of one, I will let you know. Here's one, talking on my cell phone while I am at work to my husband and frantically looking for my phone in my purse, dah!! Have a great day.

paula said...

Well, I got one for ya. I was in the bank one day at the teller window and when I opened my purse, a roach (full grown) crawled out and walked across toward the teller who shreiked and started whacking it with her envelope. Talk about embaraasing! I was mortified!