Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Anniversary

My husband and I went on a 7 day cruise for our anniversary. We had a wonderful time. It was so warm and clear. It rained only one day and that was coming home so no big deal. This is one of the pics we had made. I took over 100 pictures. I love taking pictures. I want to get a web page that would contain them all....Like a web scrapbook or album.

Here is a pic of me at Grand Cayman's Is Butterfly farm. My husband had as much fun as I did. The interesting thing is that before you leave the farm you had to look in a mirror at yourself to make sure that no butterfly had landed on you. They did not what us "taking" any butterflies out of the farm.

In Mexico we went shopping on a beach!!!!!! That was different. We got some really good deals on some souvenirs. They will haggle on price. You can talk them down to almost nothing.

Our last stop was at Key West. We did an excursion called The Taste of Key West. We walked to several restaurants and had appetizers. We tried conch, dolphin, jumbo shrimp, different types of sauces, and finally we went to the Key Lime shoppe where Kermit(guy off of Food Channel) worked. Key West is certainly a party town. The following pic depicts it to a tee(or should I say bra)

Finally, I like to share the sunrise we saw as we came into Charleston. It was beautiful.

We had a great time. We are planning another cruise next year. We are going back to the Bahamas

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