Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Plans......

It's that time again.  Road trips, day trips, outing with friends and family, It's summer time.  This is usually the time that families plan and go on vacations.   Since Bob and I don't have kids, our vacations have been when and wherever.  However, this summer we will NOT be taking any trips,  since Bob is still looking for a full time job. No job means No vacation.  The one advantage of him not working as many hours is that I get to spend more time with him, thus always a reason for vacations.  The last little vacation was the bowling trip that we had already paid for before Bob lost his job.  Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT complaining.  Vacations  are luxuries and not a necessity.   If you get the privilege of taking a vacation this summer,  I would love to hear about it. If not a vacation, what are your summer plans? 

My plans are to volunteer with the Big Brother/ Big Sister Program, clean my house, utilize our pool( the apartment complex-not ours personally), read more and try to start writing a novel.

Have a great and wonderful weekend!!!!


That corgi :) said...

I like your summer plans, especially helping out with the Big brother/sister program! That will be a worthy adventure I do believe and so well appreciated!

no vacation here either; hubby quit his job this past January so we could move into his parent's home since they are in assisted living (we had to move about 70 miles from where we were living and we knew that was too long of a commute for him to keep his job). He hasn't found anything down here so we are on a tight budget so no vacation. However, we do live in a beautiful city with lots of free things to do so will do some of those I imagine.

How exciting to write a novel!

enjoy the weekend!


Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

We're not taking a vacation this year, either. I retired early and we are playing it safe with our funds. I was thinking about becoming a court appointed volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children(CASA). Gotta' check into the training, first. I taught for 20 years and was an assistant principal for 2 years, so I probably have a little knowledge, but I know I need to know a little bit more to do a good job. We'll see! Blessings!

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, you are able to clean your house and volunteer with kids? That is so awesome!! Good for you!

Sorry you won't be vacationing this summer, but it sounds like you have some nice things lined up.

This year is our big splurge vacation. We usually take a long road trip cross country and bring our camper along, but this year we are flying to California (we live on the east coast) to take our 3-week road trip through northern CA and southern OR. We are fortunate to have a small inheritance from my grandfather to help pay for it. My son starts his senior year of high school next year, so we thought this was the time for a big trip!

Enjoy the summer -


Geoff Maritz said...

It's winter here now, summer happens around Christmas time. Being unemployed sucks, especially for a man who has a family to support. Enjoy your time together while you can, who knows, He might start work tomorrow.
God bless this family, Geoff.

Spenc said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great summer even without a vacation. I think we might take a short close vacation, my Significant other and I have both been unemployed for almost 2 years and haven't really taken a vacation so I think we are just going to go. Although it will be a camping vacation to cut back on expenses.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Hi Keena! Toby and I are going camping for a week this summer, while Gillian is at Diabetes Camp. I also taking off a week in June just to be at home. Nothing major. We will probably do local lakes and go canoeing.