Friday, June 11, 2010

The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

I finished this one yesterday.


A serial killer is killing beautiful women whom he thinks are chosen by God has His favorites; as His Brides. However, he does not use brutal force because he does not want to destroy their beauty. So he drugs them with a sedative and convinces them to die for the cause. He then numbs their feet with Novocaine and drills holes in their feet to drain their blood. He then glues them to the wall has a angel and applies makeup.

The killer leaves a note for the cops and they link him to a mental group home.   Some of its patients begin to help the detectives track down the killer.

Overall, It is a good book.  However, due to the violent killings, I would recommend it for adults only.

One of the main themes of the book is the truth of God's love to man kind. Not just that He loves us, but that each of us is His favorite and that God loves us unconditionally. However, the killer takes this "love" to the extreme.  He wonders that if we(the beautiful women) love God, why then are they unwilling to die so that they can be with Him.

Other theme of The Bride Collector is mental illness.  The author brings to question: Is mental illness a curse or is it a blessing in disguise.   Do people that suffer from "mental illnesses" really have talents that the rest of us cannot tap into?

If you choose to read the Bride Collector, please share your comments with me.  I'd love to him them.

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