Monday, January 11, 2010

Stove-Top Popcorn

I was thinking the other day.....Now I know what your gonna say....U thinking!!! How Scary!!! Yes, I know!!! But still..... let me share with you what I was remembering............. Do you remember things you did as a kid???? I do.... I remember drinking from the garden hose, going barefoot in the summer and playing in the rain.... Now a days all of that is taboo!!! I remember having only 1 T.V. that only had 3 channels which you had to get UP off your rump to change...We didn't have remotes....I remember NOT having a DVD or Video player, microwave, or a cell phone.... Not too long ago, I had dial-up Internet...Ain't that scary....I remember making popcorn on the stove.... Do kids these days even know how to pop corn on the stove.... Does the grocery stores sell corn like that any more??? I remember when home phones had the long wire cords and the phone was attached on the wall..... There were no call waiting, call forwarding, or caller ID. We had busy signals and if you didn't want to talk with someone, you just didn't answer the phone...My mom still does not have cable or a dishwasher.... Most people would think she lives in the "Stone Age", however, she has stories of her own of how things have changed since she was a kid... She actually used an outhouse......HOW HORRIBLE!!!! How would we survive if we had to give up all of our technology???? There is actually a fiction book series that covers this topic...No running water, no electricity, and no cars....Sorry, I guess I have kinda rambled and digressed..... Any hoo, things I did as a kid is no longer OK...Like, I never wore a helmet or knee pads when riding my bike...OK, that's enough of memory lane.....I hope you all have a great week..... Take care and God Bless........Keena

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bekajune said...

oh and remember how the swing sets were made of metal and not plastic! Everything is way too childproof nowadays! I loves walking around barefoot and playing in the woods for hours...childhood memories are great!