Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A new Book

Do you ever feel like you have a "new" book in her head but just don't have all the words to express your feelings or thoughts.. That is me now.. I "feel" like I have a book in my head. I have bunches of things that I'd like to say. Where do you start? I don't even know where my beginning would be. There are so many chapters in my life. Would someone even think my life be interesting to read. What about my struggle with my illness, or how God has directed my family through out the years.. I'm just a stream of conscience type of writer... What ever comes to mind is what I write. I love writing but must confess that I am not to good at it. When I went to college, I had to take a lower level class just for grammar. hahaha.. I wrote poetry in High School, maybe I should try that again. Who knows?? Well, I will say the randomness for another time.. Hopefully, I will actually have a topic that I will discuss or maybe not...Until then take care and God Bless Keena

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