Monday, July 20, 2009

And yet another doctor

Well, today was another visit to another doctor...Looking for answers to this mysterious disease Chroniuc Fatigue Syndrome..The dr was nice but referred me to yet another dr....This dr believes that Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia is a sleep disorder that starts due to pinched nerves in the feet.... By giving me shots( I am assuming cortisone) in my feet that it will make me better....At this point I am willing to try anything...I have suffered with CFS for nearly 6 years and I am frustrated, but I will not give up...This may be the doc that God uses to heal me....Then again, God may not use anyone at all( that is another blog for another day) Until next time Take care and God bless


Kelly Tringali said...

What kind of nutritional and excersize plan are you on? -Kelly

Keena said...

Kelly, right now I cannot excersize much at all.... We have just move into an apartment with a pool so I have tried doing it, but the fatigue keeps me down a lot...Nutrition????? what's that???