Monday, December 05, 2011

Stomp-Kirk Franklin

This song always lifts my spirit!!!!  

Thanksgiving list continues:

71.  God's unconditional love

72.  My husband's understanding of my disease

73.  God's comfort thru the storms

74.  Sunshine

75.  My mom's generosity

76.  I am able to stay at home

77.  God's faithfulness and mercy

78.  God's Word

79.  Life is full of second chances

80.  My relationship w/ God thru HIS son, Jesus Christ 


Crystal Mary said...

We have so much to be thankful to God for! I can see you also appreciate all that God has done for you. You are very special in his eyes, He loves you.
My grandsons will love this video...

My friend..I say this in love...
Whenever we say My something, we own it, it belongs to us.....
(re, my sickness, my disease)
Jesus was the Word of God and Words spoken or claimed become reality.
This was proven as to when the angel came to visit Mary to tell her she would conceive and bare a son, her answer was, "Let it be unto me as you SAY." As she spoke the words in return, she became pregnant with the WORD, Jesus..
Jesus own cousin John (not John the baptist, but another cousin)wrote in his record of Jesus. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word, was God." John 1:1
Why I am writing all this is to help you to see, how very important out Words are.
I have been healed lately from a heart complaint. So healed that the cardiologist who perfomed an angiogram on my heart, told me that he was stunned, shocked, because my heart is like a new born baby's heart.
So when someone askes you. "how are you feeling?" tell them, "I am being healed by Jesus."

I believe my own healing came about because of confessing my sins, and forgiving family who had hurt me. I have also prayed for God to forgive them and bless them. I still limp from a knee injury. But when asked how my knee is I say, "Oh its getting better every day."
What I am passing on to you today
I was told by a friend myself, many years ago. We of the body need to stick together and uphold on another. Much love Crystal Mary

Keena said...

Thank you for your encouraging words. I totally agree w/ you about speaking TRUTH(God's Word). Thanks for the reminder that I need to speak HIS words not just my own.

My Journey With Candida said...

#75, Your Moms generosity, touches my heart. She loves you very much, that is why she is so generous.

#79 Is great too.... second chances are good!

All of your list is great.

Trudy said...

I love the thankful list! Doesn't it just do your heart good to list your blessings?!

God bless!

Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

Blessings are abundant in all of our lives! We just need to take the time to give thanks and meditate on the awesomeness of our Savior. We may have all-matter-of-chaos in our lives, but with Christ(by acknowledging that He is the captain of the ship)we are able to sail through the storms. I absolutely love Kirk Franklin's "Stomp."~Blessings!

Susan Kane said...

all your list is so very true!

Susan Kane said...

I haven't seen your name for a while. So I popped over, and felt myself lifted up with the music.
Things to be thankful for:
God kept His Hand over me when I wanted to be crushed.
Joy comes after dark moments when the Spirit bathes me in Light.
Living each day in His Love.