Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Thankful Thursday......


40.  Thursday Night Bowling

41.  Old Friends

42.  New Friends

43   Long car rides w/ my hubby

44.  Lunch w/ friends

45.  New pair of jeans

46.  My hubby's sense of humor

47.  Controlled Blood Sugar

48.  An ok A1C result

49.  Controlled Blood Pressure

50.  Conversations w/ my hubby 


My Journey With Candida said...

Controlled Blood Sugar is GREAT!!! So is controlled blood pressure. You must be doing something right.

Just wanted to let you know I am putting you on my blog roll and taking you off the email. They never send me the email until hours later, and I always look to see who has posted that is on my blog roll.

Sue Jackson said...

Nice list, Keena. I love long car rides, too. I think part of it is the downtime - not having anything to do or run around for. ahhh! I could use a road trip about now...


That corgi :) said...

That is great with the controlled blood sugar and a good A1c!! So important to keep that blood sugar under control, you know that; so many complications if not! Good too with the blood pressure control! I like car rides too; fun to go and see anything and everything!