Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The beginning of this week was exciting.... I found a skink in my house.  I don't know why but it freaked me out.  At first, I thought I must be daydreaming. BUT,  later I saw "her" under the bedroom window.   Bob tried to make a box with gorilla tape to capture it but that did not work... Well to say the least, I DID NOT sleep in the bedroom that night.  We closed the door and stuffed newspaper under the crack of the door hoping that it would not venture out and roam.  I finally had to take an Ativan to be able to go to sleep.  I WAS freaked beyond belief, and of course my hubby was amused by my behavior.  So, we ended up getting a mouse glue trap and that was successful.  I am sorry that it had to die but I had no other choice.... Here is my "Lizzy" after capture

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